Lucas Baistrocchi

Founder & CEO

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my life has always revolved around sports. Early on in life my parents encouraged me to explore multiple sports, letting me get a taste of everything, guiding me toward my found passion for health & human performance. 


In my early teens I decided to pursue a career in the sport of Rugby. I never imagined the impact this would have on my future. Within the last decade I’ve been fortunate enough to play in places like New Zealand, Australia, and Japan. Throughout the years I have been selected to represent the USA Collegiate All-Americans, the USA Rugby South All-Stars, and several other select sides. During my travels I was able to learn a lot from coaches and players at the top of the game as part of my endless quest to find what makes the ideal rugby player. The insights I gained have allowed me to coach in different disciplines, like high school track & field and soccer teams. 


Currently I coach USA Rugby’s DIA defending national champions, Life University, and work with athletes that specialize in soccer, basketball, wrestling, football, and baseball. My goal is always to help these athletes reach their full potential and give them their best chance of reaching the podium.


If you’d like to find out more feel free to contact me!


Lucas Baistrocchi


EXOS Perfomance Specialist

World Rugby S&C L1

USA Weightlifting L1

Precision Nutrition L1

USA Rugby L200 Coach

Skope Mission

Skopos (Greek: σκοπός) is Greek for "purpose”. Everyone on this planet has a purpose, whether they know it or not. Our mission at Skope Sports Performance is to encourage athletes to fulfill their purpose by giving them all the tools they need to become the best version of themselves.


The Greeks exemplified this concept of “purpose” best within their mythology. All Gods and Goddesses served a purpose. All of them were different, yet crucial to the status quo on earth and on Mount Olympus. At Skope we reference some of this greek mythology when we target different pillars of strength & conditioning that help shape the ideal athlete. We chose Poseidon's Trident specifically as our symbol because it is widely associated as a source of power. Empowering athletes to take control of their destiny is our #1 priority!


Skope Sports Performance


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